Hitgra Review: Affordable Drug Is yet Difficult to Trust

Hitgra Review

Brand: Hitgra

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Lanlark Laboratories Pvt Ltd

Country of Manufacture: India

Hitgra Tablets Image

Review and Description

Hitgra is a treatment for men who have been hit hard by the undesirable medical condition called impotence, leading to failed sexual life. This product belongs to the same class as Viagra and has sildenafil, it can help to bring back the lost confidence and sexual pleasures in life. All this becomes possible due to blockade of PDE5 and upsurge in cGMP in the penis, which in turn increases the blood flow and erectile power in men. Male penis is made of sponge-like tissues, and an erection occurs when they are filled with blood, under pressure.

Viagra is one of the biggest blockbuster drugs in pharmaceutical history, as it solves the highly prevalent and yet rarely discussed masculine problem. These days there are hundreds of drugs claiming to work similarly as Viagra, thus for the consumer, it becomes extremely confusing to decide what to buy and what not to.

The quality of any drug is directly related to the quality of the manufacturing unit that produces it. Lanlark Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. from India is the company that owns this brand. It is not a very old company, but rather a small firm that was created in 2001. It is surely not a manufacturing company; it rather gets its products made by some other companies. Outsourcing is a common strategy for small businesses like Lanlark. At the time of writing this review, the company does not have a functional website, and information on the web was insufficient, it clearly indicates only one thing that such company cannot be trusted with one’s precious health. Products from such small time opportunistic vendors must be avoided at any cost, does not matter how attractive their offer may sound. Going for this product would be a waste of resources and may not be good for health.

Customer Reviews

Hitgra 100 mg has completely failed to hit the consumers, which is quite evident from the absolute zero level of online reviews. I may confess that it does not come as a surprise for me, but was rather in line with my expectations. A product from the small manufacturer, that is also weak in marketing efforts. Hitgra is not even seen much in the local market in India, thus no doubt that there are not many men who have given this product a try and have to say something about it. It is simply unrated product that cannot be trusted for quality. As one of the market research by US FDA shows, that such kind of products is often of very low quality, in some instances even does not contain the promised active ingredient. Hitgra is surely not a product worth giving a try.

Pricing and Dosage

Hitgra is sold in 100 mg and 50 mg tablets, and is among the cheapest form of Viagra on the pharmacy shelves. Most of the generics of Viagra cost between 1.3 to 4 USD, but a 50 mg tablet of Hitgra would cost you mere 30 cents.

As per US FDA, 50 mg is a right dose to start the treatment of impotence. If 50 mg does not help than one may start taking 100 mg. Sildenafil/Viagra is taken just once daily, and for optimal effect, it is recommended to be taken at an interval of sixty minutes before coitus.

How to Buy Hitgra Online

How to Buy Hitgra Online

We don’t know whether it is for good or bad, but this product is rarely to be seen on any online pharmacy. As our view about this pill is really poor, so it must be rather good for the consumer that none of the good pharmacies is selling it. Nice brand name, low price, but a product from a small company with complete lack of reviews. Since the product is not available widely, thus it would be better to check the shipping conditions before you order the product, in case you decide to give it a try.

How to Use

How any medicine is to be taken, is not decided by its brand name, but rather by the active ingredient in it. Hitgra has sildenafil, thus its usage would be exactly as that of Viagra. Recommended for relief of impotence, works best when taken an hour before coitus. The dosage is just one tablet of 50 or 100 mg a day, with no need to repeat the pill during the same day.

Side Effects

If you have decided to start taking medical therapy for your erectile dysfunction, it is better not to overly worry about the side effects of Hitgra. Sildenafil till date is proven on of the most effective and safest of all medical treatments available to men. Though some side effects are common but they are quite mild, like slight headache, stuffy nose and facial flushing. Visual disturbances are rare, but the reason of concern.

Conclusion with Rating

Hitgra has completely failed to be a hit among its users. Sildenafil based pills have been in use for the treatment of impotence of more than two decades, and no doubt that they are quite good at solving this gravest of sexual problems of men. They have been proven safe in long run too.

Today very few consumers have doubts about the effectiveness of this group of medications, but choosing the right brand is a really tough task due to immense choice, and huge variance in quality and costs of such drugs. Hitgra did not show itself to be a great drug, very small and unknown manufacturer, selling it at very cheap price, and no one ever reviewed this pill. Based on our vast experience in analyzing the drugs and markets, we can confidently say that this pill deserves nothing more than 1-star rating. You better stay away from it and choose something that is better reviewed, and if cannot decide by yourself, then consult your doctor.