How to Stop Blushing

My worst memories of school were moments of excessive blushing.  Its a self-fulfilling cycle that made periods of my formative years extremely difficult.

For example, once I started blushing, it would consume my mind and then whenever called upon I would blush profusely.  I ended up being ridiculed by classmates.

What happened?

I actually had to change schools.  It was probably the worst part of my life.  But, once I changed schools, it was a fresh start which gave me a leg up for figuring out how to stop blushing.

I spent many days and hours trying to figure out how to stop blushing.  The following is what worked for me to stop blushing.

How to stop blushing my story

For me, my excessive facial blushing was a confidence thing.  It certainly wasnt a physical condition.  I had low confidence and low self-esteem.  The slightest amount of attention would result in severe blushing.

First step for me

I removed myself from the environment that was intolerable which was the school I attended.  My blushing resulted in me being bullied which made matters worse.

Now, I appreciate simply removing yourself from your environments isnt possible.  However, it was one step for me to figuring out how to stop blushing.  I was young at the time and didnt have access to tools and resources to stop blushing in that environment.

Second step for how I stopped blushing

For me achieving some successes helped a great deal with addressing my facial blushing.  I know this sounds trite, but my self-esteem was pretty low during the worst blushing period of my life.  I set out to achieve some small goals which involved fitness goals.  I expanded this into yoga (which resulted in my discovering meditation see the next step).

Third step for how to stop blushing

I started some serious personal development work to bolster my self-esteem and confidence.  This didnt happen overnight.  I worked hard on it.

I read many books on self-esteem, panic attacks, and anxiety.  I focused on the self-help oriented books because I figured a positive approach would be best.  This worked tremendously well.  I complemented my reading with meditation and hypnosis.  In fact, in addition to the many exercises prescribed by various books, the two best practices I started to help with my self esteem were meditation and hypnotherapy.  Actually, what really helped with my final stage for stopping blushing were these downloads which are really a series of directed meditations.  I continue with meditation and directed meditations to this day. Fourth step

I continue with various self-help regimens including exercise, enjoying my work, and surrounding myself with great people.  Im also very goal oriented to this day.  I realize that achieving goals is an external success factor, but it works for me.  I suggest to start with small and easily achievable goals to start bolstering your esteem.

Fifth step for how to stop blushing

This will sound a little new-agey, but I spend a great deal of time focusing on the concept of acceptance.  When I was blushing profusely it was due to low self esteem, which fundamentally is not accepting oneself.  I didnt come to accept myself over night, but over the course of a few years doing what I set out above, acceptance became easier and easier.  Now its one of my core meditations.

Am I cured?

No.  I still have the rare moment of embarrassment.  I suspect I always will.  However, my life is immeasurably improved compared to what it was years ago when blushing dominated my life.  Im fairly regimented in my ongoing treatment of blushing to keep it at bay which treatment primarily consists of achieving small goals regularly, meditating, self-hypnosis, self-help reading, and exercise.

Facial blushing is akin to panic attacks and anxiety.  When it happens it can totally consume your mind and ruin your life (it certainly was ruining my life for some time).  In fact, when I was afflicted with a blushing episode my brain would freeze.  I wouldnt be able to respond to anything.  This made me more self-concious and fuelled my blushing face.

Once I learned how to reduce my blushing episodes, and then how to stop blushing pretty much altogether (I occasionally blush, but its rare and not terribly bad), my life improved dramatically.

Disclaimer: please note that what is set out above is what worked for me to figure out how to stop blushing.  I attribute low self-esteem and lack of acceptance as the foundation of my previous blushing condition.  This may or may not be the case for you.  There are other causes of blushing, some psychological and some physical.