Symptoms Of Panic Attacks In Women

Are symptoms of panic attacks in women, different than in men?

This is a question that is often asked, and the general answer is no. The symptoms of panic attacks in women are generally the same types of symptoms that would affect men too.

Panic and anxiety attacks are affecting more and more people worldwide with the added pressures and stresses of daily life and work. The causes of panic and anxiety attacks can differ from person to person, and with it, the severity too.

The most common symptoms of panic attacks in women are listed below and you may suffer from a couple, or lots of these types of symptoms:

Palpitations & A Racing Heart

Difficulty in Breathing or Breathlessness

Tight Chest and Abdominal Pains

Fear of Losing Control and Even an Actual Fear of Dying


Visibly Shaking or Trembling

Excessive Sweating

Tingling Sensations in the Fingertips, Toes and Sometimes the Face

Neck and Shoulder Muscle Pain

Dizziness or Light-headedness

Choking Sensation

These are many of the most common symptoms of panic attacks in women. As mentioned earlier, they don’t generally differ from men, but depending on the cause of your panic and anxiety attacks, they may differ from person to person.

If you are suffering from panic attacks and encounter the above symptoms, then it is a good idea to look at taking control of your panic as soon as possible.

On frequent occasions, men and women alike that suffer from panic attacks, tend to leave them to grow. By simply ignoring your situation, you could be putting yourself in danger of not just frequent and more regular panic attacks (if you don’t already suffer from them regularly), or worse still, the disorder growing out of control.

Panic and Anxiety disorders can be treated successfully, regardless of the severity, but recognizing you need to do something about them is the first piece of the puzzle. You are certainly not alone and many before you have treated panic and anxiety disorders successfully.

If you suffer from the above symptoms of panic attacks in women, then do something about it today and take the first step to controlling your panic attacks in the comfort of your own home.