Pharmacy Mall Review: 20 Years of Excellent Service and Products

Pharmacy Mall is a part of an online pharmacy network. A pharmacy network is a group of internet drugstores that sell and offer generic and branded medicines. These e-stores are all part of a bigger company hence similarities in their pricing, website design, terms, and agreement policies, and offered promotions are alike. Most pharmacy networks operate with different domain names but the same website design for branding purposes.

Pharmacy Mall is a Canadian-based network of online pharmacies and it is one of the longest operating e-dispensaries in the world of internet pharmacies. Pharmacy Mall operated as a local drugstore first in Canada before using the internet to provide better medicine access to their customers. For being in the business for years now, you can be assured that this is one of the safest and most reliable networks of online pharmacies on the internet today.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

A few clicks on the internet revealed that it is not hard to find customer reviews for Pharmacy Mall. A lot of customers from the Pharmacy Mall networks have left positive comments about their experiences when using any of the e-stores that belonged to the Pharmacy Mall network. Most customers gave positive reviews and high ratings to the e-dispensaries they used that has the Pharmacy Mall banner.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

One of the common feedback that we read for Pharmacy Mall websites was their good delivery. We also found customers who expressed their happiness on the on-time delivery of their order. Delivery is such a crucial factor for customers because they knew they are ordering from an international store. Although most e-stores promise to deliver within 7-10 days, delays can be expected because of the sensitive nature of the product being delivered. Pharmacy Mall network understands this hence they always offer guaranteed delivery to their customers. With guaranteed delivery comes setting of expectations that if an order is delayed, they will inform you and will let you know about it.

Another review that we found on a Pharmacy Mall website says that their website was easy to use. The user even said that his order was processed promptly after placing it. With an easy to use website and efficient customer service, customers also end up having great experiences after purchasing their medicines from Pharmacy Mall.

The last comment we found was about the great customer service provided by Pharmacy Mall. The customer shared that her queries were answered promptly and that the prices of the medicines offered are very affordable. She said it was a value for her money.

To sum it up, the majority of the reviews for Pharmacy Mall network are good and encouraging. It sounds like the group of online pharmacies that form Pharmacy Mall strive hard in ensuring that every customer becomes a returning customer.

Pharmacy Mall Online

Finding a website that is part of the Pharmacy Mall network is not hard if you knew the exact domain name to type. Using Google search can be tricky because you can end up receiving results such as Pharmacy Mall reviews among others.

Users of Pharmacy Mall websites learned of their e-stores from friends and from their previous buying experience. Some learned of it through referral programs while some from forums.

Pharmacy Mall Website Example

Pharmacy Mall Website Example

All online pharmacies that are part of the Pharmacy Mall network have the Pharmacy Mall logo on its upper left-hand side. Under the name “pharmacy mall’ is a line that says “#1 drugstore since 1997.” This is because Pharmacy Mall started as a local drugstore in Canada in 1997 and they moved their game in the late 2000s by starting an internet pharmacy. Their one internet pharmacy website eventually grew hence the development of Pharmacy Mall network of online pharmacies.

Here are the things that you can find once you start browsing an online pharmacy that belongs to Pharmacy Mall. You can notice that this information are the same across all Pharmacy Mall websites.

  • A list of their bestsellers like erectile dysfunction medicines, hair loss, and pain relievers
  • A list of medicine category that you can use to find the medicine you need
  • Some of the testimonials from their customers
  • An FAQ page where commonly asked questions are answered
  • Their terms and agreements and policies as an online drugstore especially when it comes to refund, return, and exchange of ordered medicines
  • The number to call if you need to contact a Pharmacy Mall website

For your medicinal needs, you can get the cheapest Viagra from any Pharmacy Mall online store networks for as low as $0.27 per tablet (generic Viagra). They also offer Zoloft for $0.28 per tablet and Xenical, for $0.79 per tablet. Other popular medicines like Cipro is on sale for $0.22 per tablet and $1.08 per tablet for Tadapox.

The bestsellers of all Pharmacy Mall e-dispensaries mostly include erectile dysfunction drugs.

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Codes

One of the best way to win new customers and have returning customers is by giving out coupons and discount codes. As of this writing, there are no coupon codes found for Pharmacy Mall network.

Pharmacy Mall offers free pills on all orders and free shipping on all orders above $200 that their customers can take advantage of.

Pharmacy Mall Offers

Pharmacy Mall Offers

Pharmacy Mall Phone Numbers

Contacting a Pharmacy Mall e-store for any concern or queries is easy because they have two phone numbers that you can dial. You can reach them thru 1-718-487-9792 and 4420-3239-7092. If you don’t have the capability to make an international call, you can also reach them thru their contact us page.

Pharmacy Mall Spam and Phone Calls

Pharmacy Mall is committed to doing legit business with every customer. They do not favor sending and making spam calls and emails. After reading most of their reviews, a few customers expressed frustration with their incomplete orders but none expressed dissatisfaction after receiving spam calls.


For being in the business for 20 years, the Pharmacy Mall network is indeed a very trustworthy and reliable online pharmacy to use. We are giving it a score of 5 out of 5 because of their excellent customer service, excellent customer feedback, and consistency across all e-stores.