Sure Ways of Getting Rid of Excessive Sweating

Do you sweat a lot? Is this accompanied by body odor? Have the people around you becoming distant from you? Well, that is a big problem. If you think you are sweating more than normal, always sweating even when there is no trigger, well, you might be experiencing “hyperhidrosis”. Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition wherein you sweat a lot, even without the normal triggers. It is greatly evident in the face, underarms, palms, and feet. This may affect your health as hyperhidrosis makes your skin folds moist, making microorganisms, like fungi, to thrive and cause dermatological problems. It could also affect your quality of life as well. Given these effects of hyperhidrosis, we have to get rid of excessive sweating. Below are the sure ways of getting rid of your excessive sweating.

One way is to try the over-the-counter anti-perspirants first. You can check it in your nearby convenient stores or pharmacies. Look for “aluminum chloride” as the major ingredient. These drug are cheaper compared to prescribed drugs. Using this depends on the seriousness of your case, it depends on your discretion whether to approach a doctor abruptly or try treating it with over-the-counter drugs first. Usually, if it is a milder case, it is very effective.

If your problem is a lot worse, then you should consult a doctor. He may prescribe you with “aluminum chloride hexahydrate” which comes in a solution preparation. Instructions will be provided and should be followed religiously for the treatment regimen to take effect. Typically, you will apply this before bedtime in one week duration. The mechanism of action of this drug is that aluminum crystals will lodge into the ducts of your sweat glands, hindering the release of sweat. However, it is not effective in palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis.

Next in line is Iontophoresis. It may sound scary, but believe me, it’s effective. Well, this procedure involves applying a tap water in the sweaty area and placing a special device and giving shock on it. It lasts for about ten to twenty minutes or so. This needs to be done three times a week, and the good thing here, it’s painless.

Botox can also treat excessive sweating. As we all know, Botox treatment is popularly used in defying aging by hiding those wrinkles. Well, Botox has that potent anti-cholinergic action that can decrease you sweating effectively. This is mostly used in axillary hyperhidrosis, though it can also treat other sweaty parts of your body. The thing here is that, when injected in the hands for the treatment of palmar hyperhidrosis, your hands may be paralyzed for quite some time as it is a muscle poison it relaxes your muscles.

Lastly, if all else fail, then you may consider having a surgery, your last resort. Of course it will still depend on your doctor’s advice. Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy is the surgery to be done. The procedure involves cutting the nerves that tells your sweat glands to do their function. However, in every surgery, there may be risk of complications that may occur so better be prepared.